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The Law Office of John R. Kelley primarily focuses on five areas of law. There is no doubt  the more diversified you become the less efficient you are, which is why four of the five areas of law we practice are closely  related to one another. Adoptions, Family Law, Juvenile Law, and Abuse and Neglect are all having to do with the nucleus of our societal structure "The Family." Whether it is the builiding of a family through adoption or the critical need for court order services to mend a break down in the family through Abuse and Neglect cases. Regardless of the issue our goal is to work with our clients to help them reach a successful resolution.


Personal Injury though it is not directly related to the other four areas of law we practice. Often times, when a love one who is the family provider, caregiver, or a dependent is injured and need care, it will cause a disruption in the family. We work hard to help our clients navigate the legal system, and protect their rights to get you the maximum settlement for your injury

The Kelley Team



John R. Kelley

John started his legal career in the Thirteenth Judicial District where he served as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA).  He primarily handled the Juvenile docket and misdemeanors.

John went into private practice in 2006, where his primary concentration was in Juvenile Justice, Family Law and Personal Injury.

John maintains, he became a lawyer to make a difference primarily in Juvenile Justice, and to give a voice to those who otherwise would not have one. He continues his goal by including practice areas in adoption and Abuse and Neglect cases.


Areas of Practice

Abuse and Neglect/ Respondent's Attorney

Most people know this type of law as Abuse and Neglect or JQ cases. If you find yourself in the situation where the State has removed your child or other loved one; you have a right to the assistance of an attorney. Exercise your right by calling the Law Office of John R. Kelley, who possesses the skill and knowledge to assist you in regaining custody of your child or loved one.


In order to be successful in the practice 

of Adoption Law one must be knowledgeable of the subject and possess extraordinary interpersonal skills. Often adoptions are an extremely emotional process for both the adoptive and birth parents.

At The Law Office of John R. Kelley, we are courteous and  professional throughout the adoption process, while guiding you to a successful adoption.

Children's Law

In the practice of Juvenile Law our firm has successfully defended juveniles, who were accused of delinquent offenses. We handle all level of juvenile defense from (JR) delinquent offeses to (YR) where the State is invoking adult sanctions for alleged criminal acts.

The Law Office Of John R. Kelley, has the necessary knowledge and skill base to successfully defend your juvenile in all matters in Juvenile court. We are experienced in handling Detention Hearings, First Appearances, and all other stages in the Juvenile Justice process.

Family Law

At the Law Office of John R. Kelley, we working diligently with our clients to ensure their objectives are met. Whether you are seeking a dissolution of marriage with/without children,  custody, or modification of a previous court order. We are passionate about pursuing your objectives to a satisfactory resolution

Personal Injury

Often times when you are involved in an automobile accident seeking an attorney is not the first item on your to do list. However, you must protect your legal rights and no one is more capable of ensuring your rights are protected than your lawyer

Many people are not aware there is a statutory time limit for you to recover on your property and personal injury claims and these timelimits must be followed.

Our firm will use our knowledge of the law and compassion to navigate you through the personal injury process, as we protect your rights and seek just compensation for your injuries. Call Our Firm today for a free consultation.

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